Life Products & Services

    • Life Insurance: Is your family’s financial future secure, should a loved one or a business partner decease?If not, consider that Life Insurance protection would:
      • allow your spouse and children the freedom of maintaining their standard of living as they wish and not as they would be obliged to
      • cover the costs associated with losing a loved one
      • create an instant net worth of thousands of dollars, for a few dollars per month
      • enable your business to cope financially
    • Disability Insurance: Because your earning power is your most valuable asset, you should consider Disability Insurance. It protects your income, in the event of an accident or sickness. Who will cover your income? and for how long?
    • Critical Illness Insurance: provides you and your family with a cash benefit (usually after 30 days), when you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness. It allows you to focus your energy on recovery and not worry about your finances. Critical Illness Insurance covers the following:
      • stroke
      • cancer
      • heart attack
      • coronary artery surgery
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Cystic Fibrosis
      • Alzheimer’s Disease
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • kidney failure
      • major organ transplant
      • coma
      • paralysis
      • dismemberment
      • blindness
      • deafness
      • muteness
      • major burns
      • occupational HIV infection
      • major organ failure on waiting list
      • bacterial meningitis
      • aortic surgery
      • heart valve replacement
      • aplastic anemia
      • benign brain tumour
      • pathology of motor neuron
      • loss of independent existence
    • 6 Childhood Diseases: For children 0 to 17 years old:
      • Autism
      • Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
      • Rett Syndrome (must be diagnosed before age 3)
      • Cerebral Palsy
      • Cystic Fibrosis
      • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Critical Illness Anticipated Needs

      (Do you know of anyone in your family or circle of friends, who has had a heart attack, cancer, stroke, MS etc…in the last 2 years)?

      • Unlike the life or income replacement insurance this product could be looked at different angles.
      • Whatever amount you would require in cash, tax free, to withstand the expenses caused by a critical illness

This could be in many forms:

    1. 1 or 2 or 3 times you annual gross salary
    2. You could also want to make sure your mortgage is paid off
    3. You could also want to make sure that your car or any other bills would be paid off
    • From this amount, we have several options that we can offer you to fit your budget.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance: protection that helps preserve your lifetime’s savings and assets, as well as your family’s lifestyle and financial security. More importantly, Long-Term Care Insurance options enable you to make personal care decisions that best suits your needs.Long-Term Care Insurance:
    • enables you to select personal care in the setting that is most convenient/suitable to your needs OR receive professional attention in your own home
    • reimburses you for out-of-pocket medical expenses that may be partially subsidized by provincial health plans
    • allows you to obtain a benefit (on a daily OR monthly basis) for care in a private facility, government facility, OR in your own home

    It gives you the financial resources needed to remain independent in the event of a serious health setback, while protecting your savings and your estate for your beneficiaries.

  • Partnership Insurance: protects your loved ones and business in case of death, disability, critical illness or long term care of the owners or associated members. Partnership Insurance enables the easy transfer of assets to the living partner(s).
  • Mortgage Insurance: meets the financial security needs of real estate mortgage borrowers. More specifically, it aims to cover a broader range of financial needs than those covered by the group mortgage insurance offered by the primary lending institutions (insurance which is largely based on the loan rather than the person). A very flexible product that can be tailored to your needs. Even though your situation may change over the years, the Mortgage Insurance plan will accompany you through these changes (moving, changing lending institutions, renovations, etc.).Mortgage Insurance offers Life Insurance coverage as the basic plan, with a Disability Insurance and a Critical Illness rider, as well as additional benefits such as waiver of premiums in the event of the applicant’s disability, accidental death, accidental death and dismemberment, and accidental fracture.Competitive Advantages: this Mortgage Insurance plan is an Individual Life Insurance product; you receive all the benefits associated with this type of product. The primary advantages offered by our Mortgage Insurance are:
    • Customized insurance coverage which may include a number of additional insurance benefits
    • Control over the contract (you are the owner)
    • Guaranteed, level insurance premiums for the entire amortization of the contract
    • Ability to convert your contract to Permanent Life Insurance, with no medical examination
    • Protection against an increase in interest rates upon mortgage renewal
    • Critical Illness Insurance rider (covering 25 illnesses)
    • Disability definition of own occupation covers 24 months (instead of the usual 12)
    • Remains in force even when the insured changes lending institutions
    • Ability to choose the beneficiary (can be different than lending institution)
    • Underwriting done at the time of application, rather than at the time of the claim
  • Investment Advisory: Our team of independent insurance agents provide advise based on your specific investments. We deal only with the most reputable and sound financial institutions in Canada. Based on your financial profile, you will have the choice of several guaranteed investments and funds. Your investments and insurance contracts are protected as follows.Covered Benefits:
    • Death Benefits – up to $200,000 for Life Insurance
    • Monthly Income – up to $2,000 (accident or sickness)
    • Term Deposit – up to $100,000

    Categories of Coverage – separate coverage is provided for benefits in each of the following categories:

    • individual
    • group
    • individual registered and non-registered
    • group registered (Pension or RRSP plan)